Mulching the Easy Way

Mulch solutions understands how challenging it is to carry bags and bags of mulch in different areas. Sometimes, you will be spending a chunk of your time finding the best quality and the most cost-effective materials in building a safer playground. You will also need to hire experienced landscapers to install these materials in your area. There is already a decline in Charlotte’s number of traditional landscapers, making it even harder to find the best one. All of these could be time-consuming, and before you even know it, you are already exceeding your landscaping budget.

We know these struggles by heart. That is why our company leveraged this concern and started providing mulch blowing technology through our convenient delivery service. Not only does this provide convenience, but we also make sure that we set affordable prices for you. You don’t need to worry about wasted material anymore because our services consistently cover your entire project in a uniform and precise manner. Mulch Solutions provide only the premier mulch blowing service in the greater Charlotte area. The best part? We use technology and deliver everything to you! Our Mulch Blowing Services includes our Blow-in Mulch Service Method using a truck that can carry loads of materials. It has a built-in system that tracks the accuracies of the application for more efficient service. This method operates with our exceptional blower truck for a more precise, more affordable, and cleaner option than traditional landscapers.

School Playground Mulch Blowing

If you’ve ever had a kid, or even seen one – chances are you know just how much they are susceptible to falling, tripping, or overall any bodily accident. You probably also know that play should be a part of their lifestyle because they are still in the early stages of their lives where they need to learn how to move around freely, develop social skills, and explore and maximize their creativity. That is why, even with the knowledge that play is a good thing for them, playgrounds could raise judgment – especially in terms of safety.

One of the vital steps in creating a safe playground is through picking the suitable material in mulching. If you are a concerned parent wanting to build a playground for your child, or even just any property/ school owner who likes to add this space for kids in your lot – you should consider Mulch Solutions’ Playground Mulch Blowing Services. Our company offers the best playground mulch blowing located in Charlotte, NC.

What our company does is we offer premier mulch blowing services through the use of our uniquely-designed truck that can carry up to 30 cubic yards of material and 300 ft of hose. We can bring just the right amount of materials to you with the precise and waste-free application with this capacity. Unlike available traditional landscaping services, our services are faster and more affordable. Just let us know exactly what you need, and our experienced and competent operators will deliver a service you playground mulch blowing service that will benefit you more than what you paid,

Where can I find Mulch near me?

If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina – Mulch Solutions is the best option for you!

Our company is the premier mulch blowing service in Charlotte, North Carolina. At affordable and reasonable prices, we provide mulch blowing services and products such as:

  • Mulch
  • Sand
  • Aggregates
  • Soil & Compost
  • Terraseeding ®

Precise Measurements for Playground Mulch Blowing

Our mulch blowing services for your playgrounds are indeed an investment because we make sure no material goes to waste. You will get precisely what you pay for because our truck comes with a unique analytics system that gives you “real-time” summaries of applications and rates that will provide you with the best estimate for the resources. Why is this so unique? Unlike traditional landscapers, we know precisely how much material is needed, and we know precisely when things are going to get done. Because we are using advanced technology for this, you can make sure to be satisfied with our faster mulching service and experience a clean application that won’t damage your landscape.

Aside from our Blow-in Mulch Service, we also supply various products that you may need to make your playground safer. The following Products are:

  • Mulch – these preserve soil moisture by default. But in making a safer playground, you will need this not to make the floor slippery for the children to run around. Mulch is beneficial if your playground stands on the ground of grass. Also, if you have plants around, these could help keep the plants around the landscape healthier.
  • Sandsome prefer their playgrounds with sand for some aesthetic and practical purposes. We bring the most reasonably-priced ones in the Charlotte, NC market.
  • Soil & Compostlike mentioned, some playground landscapes have plants to make the area more beautiful and attractive. Mulch Solutions provides healthy soil and compost as the foundation of your plants’ nutrients. We suggest that when you get these, it is only wise to get mulch with it.


If it isn’t apparent yet, we care so much for your time and resources. Not only do we provide high-quality products and services, but we also take pride in our competent staff that will guide you along the way and makes you feel valued as a customer. They are highly-trained and highly-skilled, which is why you can never go wrong with Mulch Solutions. Efficiency is our utmost priority. From sourcing our materials, maintaining quality control, delivering the services to you in complete precision, and ensuring productivity, we are sure to give you no more and no less with absolute consistency.

If you or someone you know needs playground mulch blowing located in Charlotte, North Carolina – Mulch Solutions is the best and most practical option for you!

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