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Do you want to build your home garden? Or improve the dry, cracked soil in your yard? Then you would like to have mulch installed in your landscape!  Mulch is a material incorporated in the ground through layering organic or inorganic materials to improve soil quality. Mulches may be made of wood chips (organic) or trimmings of plastic sheets (inorganic). It can also be classified as temporary for composting materials and permanent for non-biodegradable mulch materials. Mulch installation is a proven technique to improve your soil productivity, so if you’re interested in having a more productive and more appealing land around your residential, commercial, or community property, you will want to read on this article!

Mulch installation can be done through your specific gardening tools like a wheelbarrow and shovel. However, mulch installation can be quickly done wrong if not done by someone knowledgeable. Too much mulch can lead to too much soil moisture leading to the disruption of the soil’s natural balance. Our company, a Charlottean native, has dedicated its work to providing the mulch installation needs of the people of Charlotte, North Carolina. You’re sure that we can do your mulch installation the best way possible.

Mulch-Solutions has developed a unique blown-in technology with our blown-in trucks and hoses. Our trucks can carry up to 30 cubic yards of materials anywhere around North Carolina! Our hoses have a length of almost 300 feet and are designed to reach narrow areas in any landscape as efficiently as possible. Our professional team then calibrates our whole system to set the amount of material that your area needs. Isn’t that convenient? You get the high-tech mulching that saves you money on material costs! So if you’re looking for “Mulch near me,” then get a company who can adjust and reach you anywhere in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Dependable and Insured Mulching Company

Our company is a Charlottean native; we dedicated our work to the development and beautification of residential, commercial, and community properties all around Charlotte, North Carolina. We have a mission to contribute to the beautification of the city as a whole, and our dedication brought us to where we are today. The reputation and the trust of clients are what keeps our company together. We have proven our company’s credibility, and we are ready for you! Here is the list of current and previous clients:

  • Offices
  • Parks
  • School district maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Horticulture
  • City gardeners
  • Environmental coordinators
  • Field services
  • Construction Services
  • Churches

Found your business? Then don’t hesitate to give us a call!

We also have all our legal documents and insurance in check. We’re an insured company, so you’re assured that we will fulfill our promises and obligations to you one way or another. We make sure that our company is trustworthy and has integrity in whatever we do.

Mulch-Solutions has more than ten years in the mulching industry, so you know you’re in good hands. Our business is built in trust and confidence in our mulching services, and we want to show you why exactly it is! So if you’re located in Charlotte, North Carolina, visit our website, and we’ll go to you right away!

Fast Mulch Installation

Our mulch installation process prioritizes your needs first. Just tell us what your goals for your property are, and we’ll make it happen for you! Whether you want sand for your playground or quality mulching for your front-yard, our team will guide you through the whole process. Our materials are readily available for you, so you can freely choose according to the look you want for the area. Here is a list of our available products:

  • Mulch
  • Sand
  • Aggregates
  • Soil and compost
  • Terraseeding
  • Turf-top dressing

Our unique blown-in technology makes work faster and more effective. We can easily transport about 30 cubic yards of materials to your area, no matter where you are in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our hose system also has a length of 300 ft! This allows us to cover and reach a bulk amount of landscape quickly and effectively. No matter how narrow or steep they may be. We get the job done no matter how steep and narrow spaces in your land space, maybe!

You can also get so many other services done from us. Check out this list that we have for you:

  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Playground installation
  • Slope stabilization
  • Flood prevention
  • Streambank restoration
  • Stormwater management

Precise Mulch Installation

Precision is essential in mulch installation. If not done correctly, it can worsen the condition of your land and affect its integrity. In mulch-solutions, you know that you get the highest level of precision with our triangulation of high-tech equipment, years of experience, and a dedicated team! We apply just the right amount you need for your property! Our blown-in technology dispenses precisely the exact amount of material you need when you need it. We also have a streamlined ingress and egress as there is also no more need for staging our work materials and equipment. Everything is in our blown-in truck service and delivered through our hoses to your landscape.

That means minimized waste, the workload for our valued employees, and more benefits for you! No need for intense cleanups right after the project, just minimal sweeping, and we’re ready to leave you with a transformed landscape that will give you long term benefits! If you want the highest quality mulch installation for your land area, then go and save our contact details for immediate or future needs!

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